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The Story of Aven

Founded in 1984, Solar Screen sells self-adhesive film for windows and furniture to thousands of businesses across Europe. Those businesses range from car manufacturers to retail film installers and generate more than 20 thousand invoices annually. Recently, the team of 50 was joined by Nicolas de Ridder as CEO who led the company’s digital transformation.


The main problem that the finance team had was a lack of visibility. It took too much effort to get a clear overview of the company’s ARs, so it was rarely done. This resulted in difficulties when performing collections because the data was never up to date and no one wanted to send reminders for already paid invoices. Additionally, as their customers are spread across Europe, collection emails needed to be sent in the local language by the regional managers. Ultimately, these inefficiencies resulted in many customers not paying on time and consequently, Solar Screen taking on customer debt.

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Despite the growing popularity of their online store and growing number of visitors, Amy and Jeremy realized that there was a small problem…

Only a small fraction of people coming to their store ended up buying their products.

“I’m on track to have the most profitable month I’ve ever had in my business, and it’s thanks to Flowup.”

With this question in mind, the Pooch Bandana team went on a quest to find a way to resolve this bottleneck. They knew that:

  • Their product was a market fit ✅
  • There was an interest and demand for it on the market ✅
  • Their small base of loyal customers could be growing faster ✅

They also realized one thing: personalizing the shopping experience for their potential customers could bring much higher ROI.

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